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What's CWM's Wine Club about?

In a word... it's about “exploring.” It's about exploring the diversity of an ever-changing wine world. It’s about exploring the regions, traditions and wine styles that got humans into drinking wine in the first place. And of course, it's about exploring your own palate. No question, drinking your favorite wine is good. But discovering your next favorite wine is even better.


How do we select the wines?

We taste them... a lot of them. Every month, we routinely sample and critique over 100 new wines. While the better of these wines end up on our shelves, some of the best end up in our monthly wine clubs.


Several things. Among them, the wines must accurately reflect the grape(s) from which they’re made; they must possess balance and focus, both hallmarks of good winemaking; and they must remain true to their place of origin. Wines from family-owned wineries are favored and small-production wines are always given preference.


The Classic Club:

Each month, we select two to three bottles of wine for our Classic Club members. Because good wine always has a story to tell, our monthly selections are built around a theme. It might be a specific wine region, or a specific grape varietal or wine style, or even a specific winery or winemaker. Members may choose Red Only, Mixed or White Only allocations.


In addition to detailed notes on the monthly selections, a member account that remembers what you've purchased so you don't have to, and invitations to members-only tastings and food/wine events, members also receive 10% off store purchases, including beer and spirits (but excluding items designated NFD). That means CWM club members enjoy "case pricing" on single-bottle purchases.


The recurring monthly charge is $34.95 plus tax, which just covers the cost of the bottles. Your wine is always available for pick-up starting the second Tuesday of the month. There is no contract required or long-term commitment. We want you in the club only as long as you want to be in the club. We simply ask that cancellations be made  before the first of the month.


Is there a club specifically for wine collectors?

Yes, that would be our quarterly Connoisseur Club. Four times a year--August, November, February and May--we hunt down two to three bottles based upon the chosen club level (we offer three price tiers). These are ultra-premium red wines that are made in very small quantities and singled out for their high quality and potential for graceful aging. Simply put, if we wouldn't buy it for our own cellars, it won't show up here. Silver Tier (2 bottles) $69.95; Gold Tier (3 bottles) $149.95; and Platinum Tier (3 bottles) $399.95.


Past offerings have included such producers as:

Leonetti, Charles Smith/K Vintners, Cayuse, Dunn, Dominus, Joseph Phelps, Krupp Bros., Cliff Lede, Lail, JC Cellars, JAX Vineyards, David Arthur, Hourglass, David Abreu, Alpha Omega, Futo, Orin Swift, Plumpjack, Opus One, Larkmead, Nickel & Nickel, Lewis, Ridge, La Jota, Staglin Family, Spottswood, Tranche, DeLille, Gramercy Cellars, Long Shadows, Chateau de Beaucastel, Paolo Scavino, Villa Antinori, Aldo Conterno, Domaine Dujac, Tenuta San Guido, Casanova di Neri, Noon and Ben Glaetzer.




For the beer geeks (budding and veteran), we have the CWM Craft Beer Club. Every month, we assemble a choice selection of craft beer for our members. Though we do consider the current season when we make our picks, anything can show up here... from pilsners to imperial stouts...foreign and domestic... easy-drinking “crushers” to the complex and ponderous... in bottle, bomber, 4-pack and 6-pack. For more information about the beers we stock, visit the Brew Menu on our beer page.


Regardless of format, the allocation won't exceed $19.95 plus tax per month.



What do we look for?

Like Wine? Join the Club!

There’s a whole world of wine (and beer) out there.

Let us show it to you one bottle at a time.

Stop by either location for more information or to enroll today.