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By City Wine Market, Apr 27 2016 12:14AM

First, let's get three things addressed straight away.

One, white Zinfandel is not the official spokeswine for all wines pink--it never has been. Two, rosé is not always sweet—in fact, most are not. And three, well-made (dry) rosé is absolutely delicious. Those are all facts and the truth will set you free.

With that out of way, here's our elevator pitch on rosé...

Think of rosé like a red wine that's made like a white. In making rosé, red grapes are gently pressed, the red skins are removed after a very brief soak and the juice is slowly fermented to total dryness. By removing the red skins early in the wine making process, a load of “fruit-stand” fresh flavors--typically those of sour cherries, red berries, watermelon and citrus--is imparted, but most of the color remains trapped in the skins.For the vast majority of rosés, their best showing occurs in their youth. New vintages, usually one year behind the current year, are released in early to mid-spring--i.e. right now! Because most rosés are not meant to age, time is of the essence.

And that's the last thing you should know... rosé is ideal for spring and summer drinking. It's crisp, refreshing, excellent with picnic foods, salads and seafood and perfect for all al fresco gatherings. What else could you ask for?

To quote Washington state winemaker, Charles Smith, "Yes, you can drink rose and still be a badass."

True that!

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